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A Wide Array of Employee Leasing Services

EDS "Assumes" the Following Tasks:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Administration
  • HR Administration
  • Workers Compensation & Risk Management
  • Government Compliance
  • Benefits Administration

EDS Provides the following benefits for Client Company:

1. Benefits Administration

Whether you need to establish or have an existing program EDS will do the needed work to integrate your needs and requirements into our system and provide you and your employees with reports as needed.
Call us to discuss your current situation.

2. Governmental Compliance

Compliance, especially tax compliance, is at the heart of EDS. This one issue probably accounts for more business failures than any other single issue. That is why we are the pros with trained staff ready to provide you with what you need to navigate through the regulatory jungle. Now you can avoid those nasty penalties!

3. Employee Administration

Beginning with Electronic Onboarding, and continuing with orientation, your employees will be processed efficiently and quickly into our management system. Each employee will be furnished with a hand book tailored to your company with your input and vetted by Constangy & Brooks, a leading labor law firm. All insurance and retirement options will be presented to them as a package at orientation. Relieve yourself of these transactional non-money makers!

4. Payroll & Tax Administration

Accuracy is paramount with us. Our system integrates with a Time & Attendance system, all state and federal online systems and an integral HR module. Tax management and submission is the other main feature of our system enabling us to bring all of the pieces together so you don't have to!

5. Human Resources

From pre-employment Background Checks to exit interviews EDS will track time off, do performance reviews, insure compliance, respond to Unemployment Compensation issues, defend against EEOC claims, respond to Wage & Hour claims and a host of other HR issues including Drug Testing and Counseling. We will save you from those common errors most employers make!

6. Insurances

Workers Compensation and Risk Management go hand in hand along with other liability insurances. EDS provides a no down payment pay-as-you go program. Claims management including investigation and drug testing is standard. We help establish a long term cost containment system consisting of a safety program and experience modifier verification and correction. We do the audits so you don't have to!