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Providing Payroll Software Integration Using Cloud SAAS

EDS Uses state of the art Payroll Software in a cloud SAAS configuration.

Accessible from multiple locations with different Internet Service Providers. Consequently our service is virtually never "down", which means your employees are always paid!

  • 1 EDS deducts all related payments to government and legal entities and insures on time payments (child support, liens, etc.).
  • 2 Federal and state tax payments are made under EDS lease and employee provision which removes those obligations from you, the client.
  • 3 Under a leasing contract your cost is a predetermined number providing advanced knowledge of your payroll & HR expense.
  • 4 Record keeping becomes a thing of the past. EDS maintains and provides you with ongoing records including current and prior year's W-2 forms.
  • 5 EDS issues year end W-2 forms and mail to all your employees.
  • 6 All employees receive a deposit summary for direct deposit or detailed check stub, each pay period.
  • 7 Client receives a complete payroll packet with appropriate reports each pay period. This is customizable.
  • 8 EDS provides "Time and Attendance" integrated payroll with attendant reports when our system is used.
  • 9 EDS also provides "Certified Payroll" to contractors and other entities in need of same.
  • 10 Complete "on-boarding" packages are provided for new employees and permanently recorded including I9s.